Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Batanes Trip R&R with Family


     Well these past 24 days have been a blessing for Lydia, Josiah and I as we've been able to recharge, rest and spend time with Lydia's parents and siblings, nephews and cousins.


      Lydia's dad is now 94 years old so we wanted to see him and enjoy the fellowship, it's hard to talk with him now as he cannot hear very well anymore. Before Quintin would text us, me in English and Lydia in Ivatan (same message, same time, but translated) but he can't do that anymore and gave away his cell phone, last year we communicated through letters back and forth but that has stopped now too, so you just have to yell in his ear. This man has lived a long life and always remembers to read his Bible with his wife, the other day he just finished reading his Bible and forgot and said to his wife lets read the Bible so she replied we just did! A highlight was when we went to a pool on the beach and its a bit of a long walk so I piggy backed him all the way there, pretty heavy for an old guy haha! Yes he is holding an ax in this picture, he was bored so he turned his bench into a cutting board for the kitchen.

     This was pretty sweet as Josiah asked Lydia's brother Ruben if he could go fishing as he kept looking at his fishing Josiah went fishing for the first time and was so happy. He said "dad I think we're gonna catch a big tuna", then he was excited that daddy caught two BIG fish about 5 inches long each haha, very small but it was fun. 

He got bored of it real quick and let mommy and daddy show him how it's done. 

     I was all pumped this trip to do much needed office work that has backed up, until my laptop charger frayed and wouldn't charge my MacBook anymore, apple really cashes in on the cords cheap quality and cost $100 to replace. So out of desperation I had a friend buy and send me the cord I needed from Manila hoping it would arrive in a couple days but it took 8 days and just got here the day before we are leaving. Oh well I think this was the Lords way of making me rest! 

      So I spent most of the time relaxing, doing my devotions and playing video games on my iphone, thanks Adam Fyfe for giving me this new toy, haha. I'm on level 50 of Candy Crush Saga how productive! I realized that its hard for me to just relax and not work or think about work, I actually become guilty that I'm just relaxing...through all this I've come to realize how important my family is and really appreciate them more especially my wife and son! 

      Lydia an I had a good time of talking about our lives and what we want to be our legacy, our priorities and what we dream of for our son and the people who are living in our house who we consider family in Davao. Lydia's hearts desire is that we can have our own house so we can enjoy our family and have cupboards and cabinets and a nice kitchen etc. I like the idea of that too. 

       I've come to realize that I've maybe lived close to half my life already and now is the time to really focus on investing time in a couple of disciples of Christ so that the work that the Lord has entrusted to us will continue and Jesus will be glorified through our ministry, it's harvest time in Davao, Lord's will be done! Praise Jesus! 

"And you shall Love The Lord with all your heart and soul and mind and strength" 
(Mark 12:30)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Purpose for Creating this Blog...

Warm Greetings from the Philippines!

God is so amazing and He has given me Jeffrey new life in Him and I give Him all the glory for all He is doing in and through me and my wife these past 8 years here in the Philippines as missionaries!

I want to share my life with my family, friends and those who I have met along the way.  I’m so blessed to be married to my beautiful wife Lydia who has bore me a son is with these two very special people I spend my days.

I'm sitting here in the Northern most tip of the Philippines on what's supposed to be our family vacation with our in-laws.  However I need to get caught up on our newsletters which the news is already 6 months old.  Hence the need and my attempt to create this blog so I can have an outlet for at least sharing the latest places our beautiful feet may go with the LORD.

I've been asked before to write down what we're doing in the ministry and people have expressed their interest in following our work here in the areas of community organizing and empowering the people in Davao City. We just had a young man named Adam Fyfe from our church in Canada come stay with us for 3 months and he said the people back home have no idea what the Well of Life Ministry is all about...I hope to change that!  Although we have accomplish a fair bit of good we feel we are just beginning as the work of community development is really long term.  There is so many exciting things going on in the Well of Life I believe it's time to start getting more frequent updates out there to those who are part of this ministry whether near or far.

We've just bought 1 hectare (2.2 acres) of land in Davao City last December with the financial support of Giver's Trust and Canadian Assemblies of God.  We've begun setting up our demo farm and income generating projects such as quail raising and other livestock ventures. We have organized 6 associations with a combined total of over 1,000 members to identify the needs of the community and network to assist them in their spiritual development, livelihood, health and sanitation, agriculture etc.  We are still in the pioneering stages and learning new things every step of the way whether good or bad.

Please join us on this amazing journey with the LORD Jesus Christ as we paint the picture of what we see the LORD doing, and as we walk with Him here are our FOOTPRINTS...

Jeffrey Smith