Friday, August 23, 2013

Feeding Program, Solar Association Meeting, Youth Camp & Baptisms August 16-18, 2013


     A mountain top experience happened to me as I took a team of missionary friends (Jen, Lindsey, Muawe, Ryden, Lyneth and Jason) to the mountains Friday August 16th, 2013.  We started off by going to Bantol Elementary school where we have a feeding program sponsored by Feed My Lambs Ministry, we dropped off mana packs  which are packs of rice complete with added vitamins etc. which are essential to the growth and development of the children, these are packed in the USA.  We have 33 malnourished poor children benefiting from this feeding program who are feed three times a week.  

     Next we had a special meeting with the officers of our Woman's Solar Association where we encouraged them with the Word of God and discussed issues they are facing.  Next we attended a monthly meeting with a sub committee of the Woman's Solar Association and we were blessed as they provided lunch and snacks for us.  We got the woman feeling young again by doing participative ice breakers, which caused lots of laughing and joy.  Then we shared the Word of God and encouraged the members to strive to grow the association and continue attending meetings, many of the members have already received personal solar units to light their houses and charge their cell phones, next they want to have some livelihoods. 

The Woman's Solar Association Chairwoman is a trained Solar Technician and is seen here repairing one of the members solar units, this is our dream come true of empowering woman to transform their communities!

Quiet Time with God at the Springs

He says, "Be still and know that I am GOD; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." Psalm 46:10

    I went to the mountain alone for my devotional prayer, which is different from intercessory or spiritual warfare prayer.  I was reminded of the story of Enoch, he was so close walking with God that God just took him with Him one day and he was with God. I was asking if God want me to be a pastor?  I've been asked to Pastor a small church here in the Philippines and to me this is no small matter, a serious responsibility to shephard souls.  Jesus was crucified at 33 years old and maybe i'm to pick up where Jesus left off and begin pastoring at 33 years old.  I prayed that if You LORD want me to pastor Dumalag Friends church please guide me by Your Holy Spirit so I can do it Your way and not mine.  My desire is to lead the church Biblically the way it was intended in the early church!  Lord please give me the passion to serve and love the people of Dumalag if I will pastor the church I must know the sheep and have a relationship with them as its more that just preaching to them.  Lord please give me a servants heart!  I ask You Lord to search my heart and reveal to me my weaknesses in my character and help me to over come these areas of weaknesses so I may improve myself by the renewing of my mind and lead others how to improve themselves.  If I'm going to lead others I need You Jesus to make me a better leader an anointed leader with a pure heart and clean hands in all areas of life and ministry!  To God be the Glory!

-I'm committing to pray at least 3 times a day; 
1. Morning - Devotional Prayer
2. Afternoon - Intercessory Prayer
3. Evening - Spiritual Warfare Prayer

    I was walking in the mountains with The Lord and His wind was like Him breathing on me! I feel so safe because I'm with You Lord! If you wanted to take me right now like You did with Enoch I'd go right now! I'm secure with the future of Lydia and Josiah and the Well of Life because I surrendered them all to You! Into Your hands I commit my family and ministry and ask You to care for and provide for them all the days of their life and existence.  You alone are worthy to be praised! Teach me how to pray, worship, fast and study Your Word! Fill me up Lord!

     The altitude is around 700 meters.  I found a beautiful place were 2 springs come together with life giving water flowing out of the rocks. Although two different sources the water joins into one united creating a soothing song which I recorded for 7 minutes and plan to use this sound as the Words going through my mind were be still and know that I am LORD!

     I left the streams but as I got away I felt the LORD CALL ME BACK SO I WENT BACK TO THE STREAM TO READ HIS WORD OUT OF OBEDIENCE TO HIS WILL! Sometimes we think we are done with God but He isn't done  with us! 

Psalm 37
Psalm 46

A black and white butterfly just landed on my hand as I was typing my memory verse!

In the afternoon I interceded for our solar association.

We baptized 16 youth in the afternoon! Praise the LORD!

      In the evening we divided the kids, male youth and female youth and shared with them about purity, vices etc. I interceded for them and engaged in spiritual warfare for the community. 

What an awesome day thank you LORD for this spiritually refreshing, Holy Spirit filled day! Lord I give You my heart!