Saturday, August 24, 2013

Well of Life Miscellaneous Activities August 2013

Well of Life Community Development, Inc. 5th Year Anniversary Celebration August 9, 2013 

    We celebrated our 5 year anniversary late as it was July 23rd but better late than never.  Around 40 youth from Malatabis our outreach area for our Youth Development Program attended at our compound for the Word of God, worship, food and fellowship.  Our guest speaker was my friend Kevin from the UK & Singapore who resides n Manila, other guests were Allan a Canadian living in Singapore, Pastor Grant and his family, Benjie our treasurer and his family and our staff and students.  Thank you to all who made this event an evening of joy and special thanks to Lydia my wonderful wife for cooking and organizing everything with the help of our girls!

3rd District ABSNET Meeting August 14, 2013

     Well of Life was invited from 22 Non-Government Organizations (NGO's) to participate in the election of officers for the newly created 3rd district ABSNET cluster and I was elected as vice chairman.  Here we were enjoying our favourite fruit durian.  ABSNET stands for "Area-Based Standards Network" ABSNET started in 2002 and proved to be an effective strategy for participative and collaborative endeavours among Social Welfare and Development Agencies (SWDAs) and Local Government Units (LGUs).  ABSNET will provide support on social legislations, programs and activities that will benefit all SWDAs and their clients.  Well of Life is a SWDA registered with the department of social welfare and development.  It's an honour to be a part of this network, our next meeting will be in September and held at our compound, we will have time to give a lecture on our best practices.

Pag-Asa Davao Rotary Club MOA Signing August 14, 2013

     Well of Life has submitted a project proposal to the Pag-Asa Davao Rotary club for a $10,000 grant for healthy homes in Marilog.  The proposal was assisted by our friend Peter who is partnering with our ministry, he supplies used clothing, books, toys for children and now is connecting us with the Rotary Club.  The grant will be used to make 20 model houses for our CHE program (Community Health Education), we will provide these 20 houses with Solar Lighting, Biosand Water Filter, Ecosan Toilet, and Rice Hull Stove.  This will ultimately improve the health of all the members of the family, we will train these members of our associations as CHE's (community health educators) and teach them a physical and spiritual topic every week and they will teach 5 neighbours the same topic weekly and demonstrate the new technologies.  With this strategy our CHE's will be reaching out to over 100 community members weekly.

New Feeding Program Started at Lourdes Elementary School August 15, 2013

     Thanks to Feed My Lambs Ministry we were able to start a 2nd feeding program at Lourdes Elementary School where I'm currently the SGC (School Governing Council) President.  We have 41 malnourished children who will be feed at least 2 times a week.  We will be teaching moral value topics, sharing Bible stories and helping the development of the school. 

7th Founding Anniversary of the 1001st INF BDE Philippine Army August 22, 2013

      I was invited to the 7th anniversary of this army base as we worked together for the relief and development efforts after Typhoon Pablo in Compostella Valley earlier this year.  It was an honour to eat lunch with the soldiers and mayors of the respective municipalities.  I brought Josiah and Jason and Josiah wanted to sit on the tank and his wish was granted!  The Colonel gave Josiah a pair of Guinea pigs which was a blessing!

Bantol Elementary School Feeding Program - August 23, 2013

      This is the 2nd year implementing a feeding program in Bantol Elementary School thanks again to "Feed My Lambs Ministry" for providing the food and "New City Church" Canada for support in the Ministry for fuel etc.  This was fun as we brought Lydia and Josiah and the kids just gravitate to Josiah.  Jason lead them in prayer and we drank coconut juice with the teachers.  There are 33 malnourished children are benefiting from this feeding program this year.  We are planning for some activities for the children this school year.   

LMK Community Development Association - Induction of Officers August 23, 2013

Tribal Dance Presentation During the Induction of Officers

LMK CDA Officers Undergoing Their Oath Taking

     This was a big event attended by over 100 officers of this community development association we helped start this year which currently has over 350 members.  We are very pleased with the participation of these members and since it's so large and houses are spread out we divided the association into 6 sub-committees as some are walking for more than 2 hours up the mountain to get to our meetings.  It takes 2.5 hours for us to drive to the community and the last 13 kilometres is really off-roading and when muddy we are drifting in our truck, thank God for the Land Cruiser we were able to purchase this year, previously we had to ride motorbikes in, the services from Government and NGO's rarely reaches these communities.  We have so many officers because I created  departments in each of the 6 clusters communities, agriculture, livelihood and health and sanitation.  Our role is to facilitate the development process using the CHE strategy and empowering the members to create projects using local resources based on their felt and real needs and we help connect them to available services.  We had inspirational messages, dance and singing presentations, oath taking and food and fellowship!

LORD Jesus thank You for all you are allowing us to put our hands to and we pray for labourers to help us as Your harvest field is plentiful!  All Glory to God!